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Took a break from the SF Giants FanFest to get some drinks and food in our bellies. Headed to Public House due to its convenient location within AT&T Park.

A couple of friends got a communal table but then moved to a regular table within the dining area. However, they hadn’t taken into account how many of us total would show up to join them so we kept appearing in phases. We wound up being a party of 7 in the end, grabbing unused chairs from nearby and squeezing around a table that was intended for 4 haha. The waiter didn’t bat an eye though and brought me and a friend (the last two arrivals) water and menus.


One of my friends ordered nachos off the appetizer menu since he wasn’t too hungry. When he got them, we thought they looked pretty dismal. They basically put a tortilla at the very base that they threw the rest of the nachos on top of. There was just a little bit of cheese which was crusty and not appealing (and this coming from someone who loves cheese). The chips were basically just cut up tortillas that were hard to separate from the rest of the blob. He tried offering them to the rest of the table but failed at getting takers haha. And crazily this dish wound up costing $15 with the chicken add-on! As he said, he would probably have been better off ordering a burger instead.

Nachos with chicken
Nachos with chicken


I love a good breakfast sandwich. Eggs over easy with the yolk running everywhere? Mmmm. So when I saw it as one of the available options, I decided to order it. The breakfast sandwich consisted of bacon, eggs, gruyere, and chipotle aioli on sourdough bread. What was set down in front of me looked incredibly sad. What’s up with the shredded lettuce?!! And I didn’t realize until later when my friend asked me about the bacon, but they totally forgot to include it in my sandwich. That or it was super small bacon bits, which actually wouldn’t surprise me because the cheese was barely noticeable. The best thing I could say about this is that it was better than those chicken nachos haha.


Breakfast sandwich
Breakfast sandwich



I had the Oskar Blues Death by Coconut which I’ve had elsewhere and really enjoyed. It was as good as I remembered. I sampled some of my friend’s Cellarmaker Bourbon Barrel Vanilla Latte Vastness of Space, which was the other beer I’d considered getting. At 11.5% ABV it was quite boozy but delicious.

Final Thoughts

Do NOT come here for food. You will be utterly disappointed and have wasted your money. Even the overpriced food within AT&T Park would be better for you to get. If you just want to have some beer though, Public House has a pretty satisfying beer selection and the staff is knowledgeable and can help describe the beers for you.

Rating (out of 5)

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