Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous Ice Cream Parlor Review


Finally got to try Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous! One of my friends has been raving about it for years, so it’s been on my to-try list for a long time. But every time I’ve tried to go, they’ve been closed! Usually it’s been because I show up on a day they’re closed (Mon & Tues) or after their operating hours (6pm normally, 5pm on Sun). However, the capper was when I tried going last month and was heartbroken when I saw that they were closed for a random 2 week vacation which started on the day I swung by. What’re the odds?!! It’s like the universe was trying to deny me this ice cream goodness. So this has been my ice cream white whale. (If you don’t get the reference, read Moby Dick you uncultured heathen! J/k, but if you do, skip the lengthy chapters that go into way too much detail about sperm whales.)

Ice Cream

The selection changes on a daily basis. My friend was less enthused about that day’s selection because she didn’t think the flavors were as interesting as others they’ve had. They didn’t have her favorite, salted mango, either.

Daily ice cream flavors
Daily ice cream flavors

I sampled White Hopper since mint chocolate chip used to be my favorite flavor as a child. (Green tea is now my current favorite.) It was refreshing and the pearls were a nice touch.

Golden Milk (turmeric, coconut milk, ginger, black pepper) ice cream
Golden Milk (turmeric, coconut milk, ginger, black pepper) ice cream

However, the ice cream that really captured my attention was Golden Milk (turmeric, coconut milk, ginger, black pepper). Anytime I see an unusual ice cream flavor especially one that leans a little savory, I have to try it. This did not disappoint! It had a strong turmeric flavor which might be a turnoff for some folks (it certainly was for my friends who sampled mine), but I like slightly odd ice creams with a bit of personality so I really enjoyed it. It was a great combination of flavors. The ice cream itself was smooth and creamy. Definitely a winner!

Final Thoughts

A great little ice cream parlor with quality ice cream. They have a good assortment of flavors so everyone should be able to find one they’d like. It’s located in the Dogpatch neighborhood so finding parking shouldn’t be a problem. We actually walked over from AT&T Park which was good exercise (about a 30 min leisurely walk). Make sure you double-check their opening hours before you try going though!

Rating (out of 5)



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