My name’s actually Jenny, so why Panda for this blog? Years ago a work friend said each of us on the shift we worked reminded him of an animal. The animal he associated with me was a panda, which I already thought was super cute (and I really lucked out because some of the other animals he associated with people were of the less cute variety haha). When I told another friend the story, my friend guessed panda before I said which animal I wound up being. So clearly pandas are my spirit animal.

Over the years I’ve become quite the foodie. In my early 20s, I had a friend who was a self-professed foodie and I remember him telling me why bother spending say $20 at Applebee’s for a crappy meal when you could spend say $30 (or more) for a nicer meal that tastes better and probably healthier too. That made sense to me and thus my food journey began. Nowadays, my taste covers the whole range from hole in the walls to tasting menus at fancy restaurants. I’ve grown to enjoy cooking too (when I have the time for it) but confess I’m a total recipe follower and own way too many cookbooks.

With my smartphone and social media at my fingertips, I began taking way more food pics now than ever before. My friends have always said they love my posts and seeing new restaurants to try, and one of them asked if I had a food blog. I didn’t at the time, but after the idea was planted in my head, I thought it might be fun. And that’s how Panda’s Belly was born!

No dietary restrictions here! I especially like pizza, all kinds. Whenever the question if you had to eat only one food for the rest of your life comes up, that’s my answer. (Also it can contain all the food groups so really it’s healthy! Or not haha.) Other favorites would be Japanese (especially ramen, sushi/sashimi, omakases, and green-tea flavored desserts), Italian, and Indian. Also I really love cheese. A lot. And if a menu includes the option to throw an egg on something, I will always take it.