Nini’s Coffee Shop Restaurant Review


Posts so far have been SF heavy so gonna give the Peninsula a little love with this one. Since I had a morning doctor’s appointment, I decided to grab brunch on my way to work afterwards. I originally wanted to try another restaurant a friend recommended but it turned out to be closed on Mondays, foiled! But I luckily found this place instead, no regrets.


I really love breakfast foods but I don’t eat them too much because I am usually too lazy to get my act together in time (since I’m more of a night owl) and popular brunch places can have crazy long waits later in the day. So weekdays are great for that if you have the opportunity. So many menu items looked delicious! I had trouble deciding what I wanted but eventually went with the Wally’s “Country” Oldie.┬áThe Wally’s comes with a few meat choices. I opted for chorizo. The meat is mixed with mushrooms, tomatoes, and home fries and then topped with 2 eggs (I asked for over easy), melted cheese, and chives. It comes with bread, and for just 25 cents more, I was able to substitute a bagel which came slathered in butter, so worth that extra quarter.

Wally's "Country" Oldie: Chorizo, mushrooms, tomatoes and home fries topped with 2 eggs and melted cheese
Wally’s “Country” Oldie: Chorizo, mushrooms, tomatoes and home fries topped with 2 eggs and melted cheese

The Wally’s was ginormous but since I’d had such a light dinner the night before (after pigging out on Fri and Sat) that I was ravenous and managed to polish all of it off. All of the ingredients were in just the right amount so nothing was overwhelming (and too much chorizo or potatoes could easily throw a dish off balance). For a dish that could easily look like a mess since it’s just a mix of a bunch of ingredients, the placement of the eggs/cheese helped make it look more attractive and the green chives were a nice hit of color. And the bagel was really good as well. It actually seemed less dense than the bagels I usually get at bagel shops but I liked that it was easy to eat when paired with my massive plate.

Final Thoughts

Nini’s has been around since 1955 so it’s got quite a history. Stepping into the restaurant felt like stepping back in time. The place was busy and the staff was really nice. I would love to return and try some of their other dishes. Unless the Wally’s combo tempts me again haha. Nini’s has non-breakfast dishes as well, but why bother with those? ;o)

Rating (out of 5)


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